what i'm listening to

Superorganism is a quirky 8 person pop-collective (led by a 17 year old, i might add) based in London, UK with members from all over the world. Before the group moved to London, the members would send project files back and forth and communicate over Skype. Their first single 'Something For Your M.I.N.D.' is an extremely cohesive electro-pop track and shows how much potential this budding band has for future releases.

14 person 'boyband', BROCKHAMPTON, continues to shine as one of the most promising groups in hip hop today. Fresh off their Coachella performance, I felt it was only fitting to include 'BLEACH' in this weeks 'what i'm listening to'. This track embodies the groups diversity at every corner of the music spectrum and gets me excited for their upcoming album Team Effort.

ODESZA killed the mainstage of Coachella last night with one of the best performances of the weekend (or ever for that matter). A Moment Apart, was one of my personal favorite albums of 2017, for every track was packed full of emotion and I feel 'Boy' is a prime example. Did I mention that their Coachella show included a drone light show?