what i'm listening to

California based producer No Mana, likes to let his music speak for itself, choosing to remain anonymous. Nest HQ described No Mana's music like, "opening a portal to an alternate timeline where mau5 never got jaded and kept having fun with music" and I couldn't agree more.

Kyle Watson's unique blend of techno and house music has gained support from countless house artists across the world. 'Camouflage Cat', is filled with contrasting phrases and odd time signatures that mange an emotional yet dark feel, making for a lowkey banger.

Worlds by Porter Robinson, is one of the most cohesive electronic albums of all time (in my opinion of course). Remixing as song of his, such as 'Polygon Dust', is a daunting task, yet Sleepy Tom manages to put a unique house spin on this already amazing track.