what i'm listening to

EDM Heavy Hitters Zeds Dead (Dylan Mamid & Zachary Rapp-Rovan) and Jauz (Sam Vogel) recently teamed up for a monster drum & bass track. Zeds Dead has dabbled with drum & bass throughout the years and frequently plays out DnB at their live shows, but the collaboration with Jauz comes as a surprise to many fans. Jauz produces mainly bass house/deep house influenced music but has continued to to experiment with new genres/sounds as of recent and has yet to disappoint.

L.A. based artist Hex Cougar, produces a wide array of electronic music, mainly influenced by future bass sounds. Although classically trained in piano from a young age, Hex Cougar began producing in 2010 during his freshman year at USC. The project started as a joke but soon led to him skipping class to produce beats. Hex Cougar is now relevant as ever and in my opinion is one of the most underrated producers in the game right now.

Well established artists, Ekali (Nathan Shaw) & ZHU (Steven Zhu) teamed up for an absolute hit that perfectly encapsulates both of their signature sounds. Ekali was accepted into the Redbull Music academy (Tokyo) in 2014, despite producing for less than a year. His rise to fame was quick but he continues to grow as an artist, constantly switching up genres and experimenting with new sounds while remaining on the forefront of EDM. ZHU debuted as an anonymous project in 2014 and his breakout single 'Faded' was released this same year and it continued on to win a Grammy nomination. ZHU eventually revealed his identity as Steven Zhu, but says his anonymous come-up was in hopes that his music would speak for itself.