what i'm listening to

Medasin (Grant Nelson) is one of the more versatile producers in the electronic industy, producing a wide variety of sounds. His EP 'IRENE' embodies the spectrum of his sound, with anything from lo-fi beats to trap bangers. This EP has been in the works for two years, but he assures fans that its just a small taste of his coming 'more official' EP full of features and structure.

Chicago natives Louis the Child (Robbie Hauldren & Freddy Kennett) & Whethan (Ethan Snoreck)  are all recent high school graduates who have blown up in the electronic scene the past couple years. Despite being friends since high school, Honey is the first official collaboration between the artists and its just as sweet as it sounds. The result is a mesh of new exciting beats mixed with both artists signature 'indie electronic' sounds.

Oliver (Vaughn Oliver & Oliver Goldstein) are known for their funky, disco house sounds. Oliver's wide array of sounds are played in countless DJ sets and the group continues to gain momentum through the release of their recent album 'Full Circle' featuring notable acts such as De La Soul, MNDR, Chromeo & Elohim. This track 'Light Years Away' is over 3 years old, yet still remains relevant as deep house continues to flourish in the EDM realm.