what i'm listening to

Australian producer, Michael Di Francesco, plays synth/guitar in the electro-pop group Van She, and every few years he releases tracks as Touch Sensitive (his solo project). 'Lay Down' is a very warm sounding track that puts the listener in a state of nostalgia through it's use of dreamy high pitched vocals, kick drums and 80's inspired synths. If you enjoy Touch Sensitive, check out RUFUS DU SOL while you're at it.

Robby & Freddy from Louis the Child, teamed up with English Soul/R&B artist Jacob Banks on the single 'Diddy Bop', featured in the newest '50 Shades' movie. This soulful track is all about self-love and seizing the day and in my opinion is guaranteed to ease your mind on the toughest of days.


San Francisco producer FreeFall, has continued to release house-banger after house-banger the last couple of years. The track 'Know Me From' is a hybrid of garage house, deep house, g house and bass house and has the word 'hit' written all over it. The track features samples from STORMZY's track 'Know Me From' and has been played out by acclaimed artists such as Malaa & Drezo.